Microshade VSM provide a dedicated technical support service ready to respond to technical queries or problems, and to proactively monitor and maintain our systems to identify and resolve potential issues, often before they impact your service.

Contacting the Support Team

Please first refer to the "Help Library" from the Citrix client menu.

Please contact support using the form below, email, or call 01752 869052

Contact Form

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If you are experiencing a problem please provide the following information if you can:

  • What are you trying to do when the problem occurs (your exact steps if possible)?
  • Does the problem happen every time you try?
  • If there is an error message, please provide the message
  • When were you last able to complete the task successfully
  • Do other users have the same problem, or does it work for them?
  • Are you aware any system changes since you last were able to complete the task

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