GDPR Package for Smaller Councils

As part of our Application Hosting service for Smaller Councils, which provides a sector specific solution to all your cloud hosting needs, and our commitment to support all Councils to be GDPR compliant, MicroshadeVSM has developed a special package for Smaller Councils.

The package includes:
  • Full Hosted Application service
  • A GDPR help line
  • A Data Protection Officer for your Council

The cost of the service is as follows:

Council Size Hosted Solution &
GDPR Advice Service
Less than £50,000 £399.00
Up to £100,000 £550.00

Further Details

Microshade VSM has developed a GDPR package specifically for the Town and Parish Council sector which will ensure your councils ongoing compliance with the new data protection regulations.

The Smaller Council service is designed for councils with a precept of up to £100,000 employing a part time Clerk to the Council. The Clerk will normally be working from home and will be the only employee of the Council accessing the hosted service.

As part of the service you will receive:

  • A remote GDPR audit on personal and other data held, how it is handled and stored
  • Remote security audit of your laptop or desktop computer
  • A full Audit Report which will include an Action Plan and GDPR checklist
  • A comprehensive Policy Pack, including a template Data Protection policy
  • A nominated Data Protection Officer (DPO), which will be considered Best Practice
  • Access to an email and telephone helpline

The service will ensure that the Council will be able to meet all the criteria set out by the new GDPR legislation from 25th May 2018. All audits will be completed remotely unless you specifically request a site visit. An additional fee of £200 per visit will apply.

The audit will identify the type of personal and other data collected and held by the council and check that any personal data collected is handled correctly. It will review how files are stored and how they are protected.

The Computer audit will review local computer security to ensure that appropriate basic protection is in place. We do not look at customer data and we do not remove any data from wherever it is currently stored.

On completion of these audits a comprehensive report and action plan will be provided to ensure the council is able to move towards GDPR compliance. The Action Plan will be supported by a documentation package which will enable this to happen and the DPO support service will provide further advice.

The template documentation package will include privacy notices, data protection policy, a privacy impact assessment process and advice on IT and hard copy security.

Microshade VSM will also provide the Council's Data Protection Officer (DPO). NALC advises that the appointment of a DPO, although not compulsory, will be Good Practice.

The Application Hosting solution is the provision of core IT services located in a secure, purpose built data centre, enabling any size of business to benefit from enterprise-class infrastructure with agreed monthly costs.

Advances in technology over recent years have opened up the possibility for an organisation's core computing infrastructure to be hosted off-site in a remote data centre which can be accessed from any location provided you have an Internet connection.

Microshade VSM's solution allows small Councils to take advantage of the economies of scale previously only available to much larger organisations.

Changes in the licencing models of principal software providers has enabled the concept of "pay as you go" computing, now commonly referred to as "cloud computing". These changes have brought potential benefits to small and medium organisations including:

  • Controlled annual cost
  • Excellent value
  • Security of data which includes daily back-ups
  • Freedom to access data from anywhere

Secure access will be achieved via a traditional user name and password log-in to a Citrix hosted environment.

With the migration to the hosted environment, users can access hosted applications from any location with an Internet connection, from a variety of devices, allowing users especially working from home, to work efficiently and effectively.

An annual fee would be payable to Microshade VSM for the provision of the hosted environment and all Microsoft software and Citrix licencing. The annual fee also includes server support.

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