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Budget Management
As this is a leasing service provided by Microshade VSM, there is no need for capital expenditure to purchase an internal server. Server running costs, maintenance and data backup are included in the monthly fee. You simply pay monthly according to the number of users you have and the applications they will access.

Cost Savings
In the constantly changing technology environment using a remote application server is an effective way to provide all the benefits of the latest systems without the expense of constantly purchasing new hardware. Clients can use the very latest version of application software even if they have older computers that don't meet the specification demanded to run it. Even older and previously obsolete desktop machines can be re-used in our solution.

Microshade VSM's servers are maintained to the highest standard by experienced personnel.
Maintenance and support are included in the cost of your agreement, so you have no additional costly service agreements or engineer call-out charges.


Anywhere Access to Data
As long as you have access to the internet from a PC, you are able to log into your data from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day. This means that if you or key members of your staff are working from home they will still be able to access your data and carry out key functions.


Peace of Mind
The Citrix ® XenApp Application used by Microshade VSM ensures security of data in two ways. Firstly, your data is not transmitted over the Internet - only mouse clicks and keyboard strokes are transmitted over the Internet, so your data cannot be corrupted or hacked. Secondly, mobile data is totally secure as it remains within our data centre and no longer needs to travel with you on laptops or memory sticks.

Daily Backup
Your data is backed up routinely and is housed off-site. The responsibility for the security of your data is passed to us, giving you the peace of mind that your data is safe. Access to your data is protected by industry standard firewalls, and managed with password protected user accounts.

With Remote Application Hosting, while your applications appear to be running as if installed on your local PC, they in fact run on Microshade VSM's remote servers while your data is securely housed on our internal file server. Your application performance is no longer limited to the power of your desktop computer. In fact if your PC fails, you can immediately connect to our service from an alternate PC and continue working from the place you left off.

Microshade VSM's infrastructure is designed with resilience in mind to minimise the occurrence, impact and business costs of downtime, including:
  • Mirrored disks ensure your files are available in the event of a disk failure
  • Dual Uninterruptable Power Supplies (further backed up by a diesel generator) protect power to key elements of the infrastructure, meaning that should you suffer a calamity at your offices your staff will still be able to work from anywhere with a PC and an internet connection.


Centralised Upgrade of Software
Microshade VSM removes the headache of planning and installing application upgrades to your desktop computers. When your software provider releases an upgrade or new version of your applications, our IT Team will plan, test and manage the installation on our servers, making it available to all users simultaneously.
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