Cloud Computing for Smaller Councils

Cost effective for smaller councils
This package has been designed to address the needs and budget of small parish councils, with a fixed affordable annual fee, estimated at between 1-2% of the annual budget.

All the benefits of our larger council package
The customer benefits from our reliable, flexible, secure and fully supported platform for all its electronic data and information including the ability to work securely from anywhere from any device, for peace of mind, assured business continuity, and to meet their requirements for Data Protection.

Easy Transparency Code compliancy
The package includes a web page for publishing your transparency data, template documents to help you get started, and the ability to publish all your documents on the Internet with a single mouse click.

Transparency code for smaller authorities

Smaller Council Transparency Portal
The Transparency Portal saves time when publishing information on the Internet.

See how much time you could save

The website has in place a Home Page, Financial/Audit information Page, Agenda and Minute Page, Fixed Asset Page (either listed or mapped). Customers can easily add their own pages or sub pages, so that for example the Financial Information Page might have the following sub pages:
  • Council Policies (standing orders)
  • Financial Policies (Financial Regulations etc)
  • Payments over £100
  • Budget reports
  • Annual accounts
  • Governance Statement
  • Internal Audit Reports
Visit the Transparency Portal guided tour

Package contents
The package contains the following elements:
  • One log in account, which provides acess to our safe and secure Citrix based environment for all electronic documentation and information
  • Access to the website hosted by Microshade VSM, with easy to use templates and tools for uploading all the required Data Transparency information
  • Current version of Microsoft Office
  • Secure offsite hosting of your data on our file servers located at Plymouth Science Park, UK
  • The ability to work from home, office, or anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Secure regular back-up of all your data
  • A reduced investment in computer hardware
  • Use any device to access your data - PC, Mac, Apple or Android tablets and smartphones

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