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Turnkey delivers a complete suite of applications to suit your organisation from day 1, to help you hit the ground running with a minimum investment in IT equipment.

At a time when budgets are under increasing pressure, Turnkey allows you to focus on your business without worrying about your IT.

Using any low spec PC, users have full access to run the latest programs, folder sharing, data security and backup, all running with the speed and reliability of our servers. A range of supported devices enables your team to work when, how and from where it suits them best.

Our growing portfolio of leading applications serves a comprehensive range of business needs. Simply select those which are required on a user by user basis.

Organisations of all sizes, from Start Ups to established enterprises, benefit from our flexible service model, allowing you to add or remove users and programs as your business needs change, paying only for what you use.

In return for a budget friendly cost model, you can rely on a secure resilient system, always access the latest software, support from real people with access to a breadth and depth of IT and systems expertise, and complete peace of mind.
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